Advice for Buying A New Alfa Romeo MiTo

The MiTo car from the prestigious car manufacturer Alfa Romeo is a three door hatchback car with front-wheel drive. It is classified as a ‘supermini’ car and is quite a sporty vehicle, both in terms of its sexy design – something that Alfa Romeo have always been known for but which has attracted particular praise for this model – and also in terms of its performance.

However that performance does vary greatly depending on which version of the MiTo you choose to buy. As is the case with many new cars there are a wide range of different variants available for this car, and for many prospective buyers this can be bewildering. So how do you know which version is best for you?

The first thing to remember is that is pays to do some research before speaking to a salesman who obviously wants to convince you to spend as much money as possible. Sit down at home and look at all the information in your own time so that you can think it through and make a proper decision. Whilst doing this for the Alfa Romeo MiTo you should make sure that you are looking at the latest information, because there have been a couple of updates to the original 2008 car. These include a new TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission which is capable of handling torque inputs of up to 260 lb-ft, and a new satellite navigation system called ‘Blue&Me–TomTom’, both of which were added in 2010.

Although the price of diesel has certainly been rising fast, it is still considered to be more economical than petrol. On the other side of the equation, petrol engines do generally deliver much higher performance. Both petrol and diesel engines are available when you buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo, so one of the main decisions that you must make is whether fuel economy or sporty performance is your highest priority. Once again you must look at the latest information to make this decision, because since 2011 all new MiTo cars have come with a start-stop engine system as part of their standard equipment. This system works by switching off the engine when you are stopped at traffic lights or when you stopped in heavy traffic. This serves to reduce the amount of fuel which is used, especially during city driving, making all new versions of the Alfa Romeo MiTo more economical to run that the original car.